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It’s a border land, often underestimated, considered a path through northern Europe. Actually, Friuli is a land unique in the world, with breath taking lasdscapes, sea and mountains, a special food and wine culture, and seems to be made to be discovered onboard a bycicle.

Friuli is crossed by many cycle paths, among which the ciclovia ALPE ADRIA o FVG1 stands out. Using the old railway this cycle path runs from Salzburg to Grado, crossing the Alps and offering the opportunity to cross viaducts and tunnels completely surrounded by nature.

You can follow this path for a half day or a week. So come and discover what Friuli has to offer, as YOU want!

What we offer:

  • Bikes and e-bikes, for all types of terrain and for every kind of trip you like to do, including accessories you would need;
  • Bike repairs and transport service in case you need it to be agreed by phone or whatsup;
  • E-bike recharge service;
  • Bike transport service where you desire to be agreed depending by distance and amount of bikes rented;
  • Twins stroller, single strollers and child car seats in case during your holidays these should be needed;